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Emmi - Pet

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning service for your dog

Teeth Cleaning

Brinkley's teeth cleaning service uses the patented Emmi - Pet ultrasonic tooth brushing system. This system is non-invasive with no need for anaesthetic. It uses ultrasound to loosen tartar and promote healthy teeth and gums. 

A regular scheduled oral hygiene routine will help to protect your dogs teeth and gums. Each dog has their own ultrasound brush head. Specialised ultrasound toothpaste reaches under the gum line to kill bacteria and germs and clean teeth and gums to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. This process protects against gingivitis, oral cavities, bad breath, and build-up of plaque.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is noise and vibration free for your dogs comfort throughout. It is recommended to book a course for the best results

Some of our results so far...

Professional dental hygiene for pets with 100% ultrasound

  • Certified as a scientifically proven product for animal welfare and animal protection by the society for Animal Husbandry, Protection and Animal Welfare in Austria

  • Motionless and gentle dental cleaning without brushing

  • Can help to prevent inflammations and peridontitis

  • Protects against plaque and tartar build-up, bad breath and loss of teeth

  • Reaches deep into the gums and strengthens the gum tissue

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There are 2 price plans available. Both require an initial consultation appointment, costing £40

Price Plan 1

Pay as you go

£25 per session

Price Plan 2 

(recommended for best results)

Block of 10 sessions

£200 (saving of £50)

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