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Brinkley is our much loved black Labrador. He bounded into our lives at just 10 weeks old and changed my life forever. I'd grown up around dogs, but Brinkley was my first dog. To say it was a steep learning curve was an understatement! He was super intelligent and I think he trained me just as much as I trained him. He is a typical Labrador and eats everything in sight. I'd be able to write a book about all the things he's eaten over the years - luckily without any serious consequences!

As I look back, one of the funniest ones (although it was not funny at the time !), was when I'd made up 40 party bags for my daughter's birthday party and left them in a box on the kitchen side. I made the error of leaving Brinkley alone with them and

when I returned he'd eaten all 40 lollipops, sticks and all! He was poo-ing lolly sticks for a week!

holiday with us and he soon became the best family dog we could have asked for. Then came the realisation that I was going to have to leave my boy at some stage in the near future as we had family abroad and I would have to return to work once my son started pre-school. If I felt like this, I imagine everyone else must too! I didn't want to leave my boy, I loved being with him, so I decided to look into my own dog walking and boarding business. This was the moment that changed my life. I loved it, Brinkley got to walk and play with his friends all day. He was a natural, welcoming all the different dogs into his home.


We joined Spring Park Dog Training School to gain more knowledge and I am now one of the instructors at this well established local school. I retired Brinkley last year, but he loved his years of training and demonstrating.

Our first year was a rollercoaster, but he learnt quickly and so did I! We took him on


In 2015, Hunter joined our family. He was a 4 month old chocolate Weimaraner/Labrador cross. Brinkley welcomed him like he did all other dogs, but soon realised this one was a bit different as he didn't appear to be going anywhere!


In 2018, Brinkley is now nearly 10 and I noticed that he was slowing down and his back legs were getting a bit weaker. I thought it was probably due to age but it had happened all of a sudden so decided a vet check was in order. When I picked him up the vet sat me down and explained that Brinkley had something called Laryngeal Paralysis. My world came crashing down. In that moment, I was devastated. However, I went away, researched and discovered that it was not the instant death sentence I thought it was. Decisions had to be made though. Brinkley could no longer go on the long walks with the other dogs and I couldn't leave him behind. We were partners, and that was never going to change.


I started looking into what I could do, and that's when I discovered dog grooming. Perfect. I was 

lucky enough to have the space at home for a salon and Brinkley could be with me all day! I went and did a trial grooming day and absolutely loved it, so I set out to do my City & Guilds qualifications. I qualified in 2019, and that's when Brinkley's Grooming was born!


In 2020, the whirlwind that is Hamilton joined our family. He is a Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla and is totally nuts but absolutely adores his big brothers and loves his long walks with Hunter. He truly makes me laugh everyday.

Brinkley's Grooming has gone from strength to strength thanks to all the lovely people who have supported us. This year (2023) we will be introducing teeth cleaning and an online shop.

Brinkley will be 14 this year. He still goes for short walks and still eats everything in sight! He spends his days hanging out with me in the grooming partner forever xx

Brinkley's Story

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